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Project Alexandria
One mans attempt to inventory and document his media collection

As previously mentioned, the project started as a Google Sheet, because my SO was buying more duplicates of manga volumes, she already owned than what either of us were happy with. Google Sheets worked fine with the manga, but I very quickly found that it wasn’t working so great with my video games. With manga, it was a very simple, an Owned or Unowned question.

However with my video games; I needed to know the title, the platform, was it a disc, a digital copy, something I got via subscription from Games With Gold or PlayStation Plus, or was it some type of limited edition or remaster or an edition with DLC or otherwise. Quite a bit of information, so I jumped over to excel so I could have local copies while I test out various things. Once I had a rough idea of what I needed to know, turning it into a website was the next task. I wanted as little server side-code as possible, since I wanted to make sure it could load quickly as possible on as many devices with minimal fuss.

Once I had my proof on concept (I’ll admit, calling something I’d spent hundreds of hours into a “proof concept” is a questionable use of the term.) I knew that I wanted to keep track of more stuff. Books, movies, my various webcomic collections, and other various stuff.

As of writing that’s where we’re at. Still working on that. There’s just a lot of media to go through, and I have to sleep at some point.