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Video games.

I’m going to go ahead and take the statistically likely assumption that you only found this website because you found the site on my profile on some gaming related site. As you’ve no doubt gathered by the sheer number of nerdy references and quotes, video games are basically my thing.

I got started way young by my parents whom owned an NES either since before I was born or some point shortly after. I learned two very important things from that system at a young age.

1. I learned cause and effect, puzzle solving, patterns and strategy very early in life.
2. That the Legend of Zelda is very difficult to play when you have yet to learn how to read.

Fast forward a few years and I like many kids my age, got caught up in the Pokémon craze. The first game I ever remember “getting” was Pokémon Silver. I got it, the strategy guide, an “Atomic Purple” Game Boy Color on Christmas. My brother got a Yellow Game Boy Color and Pokémon Yellow and it’s guide.

Thankfully, by this point in my life; I had learned to read.

Cue life events, aging and various educational goal and employments my collection has expanded significantly.

On the whole I’m pretty platform independent, finding pros and cons with each platform; but at the end of the day a new main series Pokémon game will always get me to platform jump, all Nintendo has to announce a system will have Mario Kart and I’m on it, I’m going to get that Limited Edition of copy of Halo even if I do have to fight a man for it and the while I’m still bitter about the fact I only bought a PS3 for Kingdom Hearts III and that turned out to be poor planning on my part Sony still has plenty of exclusives to make it worth my time.

And since I can already feel the nasty emails headed my way; let’s face it, between Steam sales, Humble Bundles, and openness of the PC platform, one would be a fool to just write it off.

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