NP Sage in 3 neat Bullet Points


I'm really into video games. It is by far the hobby I have dedicated the most time and sunk the most money into. I'm that guy who buys things on day one knowing it's a terrible idea. 



I build computers and take things about to see how they work for fun. I'm constatntly tweaking and messing with things to see if I can make them do what I want better or faster, and seeing if I can make them do something neat.


I very much like to read, my biggest problem is finding the time, and then once the time has been found not being interrupted. I have a Kindle for my eBooks, an iPad for my Manga, and I’m perpetually bitter about the fact I live in a small apartment instead of a library.

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NP Sage in A More Wordy FOrm

Hello Internet.

I’m NP Sage (real name Kyle) and I welcome you to this…thing.

The reality of the situation is that the bullet points above pretty well summarize me, so this is more for those who are the super curious.

I was born in 1992, I was born and raised in Greensburg, Indiana and are still pretty bitter about the fact that across the street from my high school was cornfield. Living the Hoosier stereotype.

Graduated from High School in 2011.

Graduated from college a couple years later with honors with a AAS in Computer Technology.

Now I work for a company providing IT support to medical facilities. Let the record that I’m keeping it very vague here not because it’s some big secret; (I have a LinkedIn if you feel like your life will be super improved by knowing) but so that way there’s no way that anyone can pop-up claiming I’m trying to represent my employer or any particular company with anything I type here. (Unless some type of content is sponsored and in that case trust me; you will know. It will not be subtle.)

I identify as a male demisexual and are currently in a committed relationship with a girl who will probably not come up that much in my content.

Currently I own 5 gerbils, a dog, and cat, and in no way get enough sleep each night.

If you have any other pressing questions, please use the contact me form.