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About NP Sage / Kyle Koors

Kyle Koors is a very unique specimen. He is built of out millions of cells, whom take their orders from 46 chromosomes. These chromosomes have dictated several key facts. They are that Kyle will have blue eyes that cannot see well. That Kyle will have brown hair that does what it wants to, rarely what Kyle wants it to, and only on the rarest of occasions does it behave as Kyle’s mom would like it to. They have also decreed that Kyle stand at slightly over 6 feet tall, and have also allowed him to have the natural ability to pee while standing up, and disallowed him the ability carry a pregnancy.

Kyle Koors’ psychological makeup is far more complex, and can only be completely understood and appreciated when extended periods of time are spent hanging around or talking to him. In summary, he is the oldest of three children, and is a child of divorce. He is rather free spirited, with a live and let live attitude. He has leadership potential, but appears unable or willing to take command of a situation except in situations when a leader is not already present and is desperately needed. He will rarely show any emotion he may be feeling at that particular moment, unless he is around a select few people in his life. The criterion of which he uses to select these people is currently unknown and appears to be random at best. He has a tendency to often use dark humor and sarcasm to hide his true emotions. His memory appears to be in top condition, he is able to recall events and conversations with amazing accuracy on demand. His exact loyalties are unknown. He appears loyal to specific people and ideas, but will show no major hesitation to distance himself when he feels that that are no longer following the ideologue he supports. He will not betray them, but he will immediately cease all of his personal efforts to advance their goals.

Kyle’s hobbies are fairly straightforward. He maintains advanced skills with technology, always attempting to push software and hardware to levels not advised by developers or manufacturers. He is familiar with software development and has assisted with several major software and hardware developers. He maintains an online presence within the PlayStation Network as well as Xbox Live. He reads at incredibly high speeds, and appears to read anything that sits still long enough in front of him. He has been sighted often writing in various notebooks, what exactly is kept them is unknown; however they are believed to be fictional writing. He rarely seen watching television, however it is known that he maintains a Netflix account, which appears to be utilized for documentaries and obscure indie movies. Kyle’s musical preferences appear to cover the entire spectrum of music types, with the exception of a noticeable distaste for rap music.

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